Full Warranty


Each vehicle purchased from us comes with a full warranty service to make sure you are covered in your new car.



Our highly professional sales team delivers nothing but the ultimate car buying experience!



We know how tricky financing can be, and for that reason, our financing department is on standby to help get you through the entire process so you have the outcome you want.

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WELCOME to BigGToysinc.com

Big G Toys & their highly professional sales team have over 22 years of experience operating and managing their exquisite dealership! Big G Toys Incorporated a name you can trust! With there experience and knowledge you are sure to discover what sets themselves from the rest by maintaining one of the top upscale client satisfactory service providers in the nation.

We strive to deliver the ultimate car buying experience. Whether you are looking for your first Exotic car or adding to your dream collection, HI-END or not let our team of car professionals at Big G Toys, put their knowledge and experience to work for you! We deliver the highest level of customer service and offer a timeless line of most hand craft selected exotic vehicles and the brand that represents to complete satisfaction! We specialize in that hard to find car! Whether you are looking for a Bentley, Lamborghini, Ferrari, Maserrati or any other type of exotic vehicle!

We are resourceful

We know some cars are harder to find than others, and we specialize in finding that rare car you are looking for!

Proven Technology

Hundreds of exotic-car enthusiasts from around the globe have come to Big G Toys to find the car they have always dreamed of.

Winning Reputation

We understand the importance of reputation. We have almost 25 years in experience in the Miami area.


We have a highly trained Executive Financing Team that is ready to handle your transaction from start to finish, making sure all your needs are met. .

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